Blair has been involved in the sport and a member of HVPSC for 20 years. He is currently the club's Training Director and Helper. Blair participated as a Regional Helper at the NE Regional Championship in 2012 working the front half of the IPO3s. Blair and Rueger earned their IPO3 in December 2013 and 

 competed in Regional  Events several times.

Charlie has been involved in the sport and a member of HVPSC for eleven years. He is currently

  President of the club. Charlie and Beau earned their IPO 3, several times over and competed in

  Regional Events .

Bob Vosik has been involved in Schutzhund for many years and also a member of HVPSC for 9  years.  His current dog is retired,  and he is training a new pup "Sandy".

Steve Tepper has been a member of HVPSC for 25 years, making the trip from New Jersey to train his dog.  He is also currently involved in search and rescue but continues to support our Club in many ways.

Tom & Cindi Klonis are each training  young Dobermans.    After a couple years away from schutzhund.        Their BACK .            Pictures coming soon.

Sunny  Salko  Umihanic  (New Member)  Training a young, German Shepherd        
(Pictures coming soon)